Ive been over thinking
looking for anything linking
any job or opportunity blinking
frustrations, demonstrations, limitations
I feel weak, lustful, bashful in
all my acts of frustrations.

show me your friends I’d
tell you who you’re, goes
goes the saying; wisdom, the wise Sayers
the so many or so little friends I call
don’t fit, won’t fix my situation
so who will? what can? how?

unemployment is real people
dreams fade my only hopes
hope bade my beliefs byes
I’ve tried, I’ve tired like tires
suicide, intimidations, fear eats
eats me up daily like the sun.

I wish to drive like them
I wish to own an apartment like anyone else
I wish to have a happy family
I wish to have financial power; empowerment
the there’s if wishes were hoarse….
then there is I wish I…..

You need to hustle, hustle day night
you need to pray so they say, prayer
pray and prayer that’s the problem
I’ve fasted, paid or tried the tithe myth
I doubt Go, I doubt everything
my life is bankrupt, death is evident reward.

I want and need…all for me; mean right?
procrastination fails me deep beloveds
destinations are a fairy tale  for my


perfection is too rich, too expensive
I cant afford all i want not even breathe.

copyrights All rights reserved 2016


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