You ask for me
To say it in words for free
But why should i
The truth…it bites my lips to say
Yet what’s my poem worth
If it ends at this point with dismay?

For long i have hid it
For long i have lied to myself
For long, i thought it could never be
But now it makes more sense
I know one lucid fact
That my heart pumps for you
Every beat, rhythmically fast
Every power surge through my veins
It’s all because of you

I hide from reality due to mockery
I know that love between us truly exists
Though we, the craftsmen of fabrication
Carefully design reclusion in a bid not to
Showcase that emotion
We joke yet we mean what we talk
We frown yet our hearts with joy yawn
We see that we are not meant to be
Our puzzle, lets not fill them the way
They should be
And this is the price of love that i pay

Th feeling in my heart is real
I feel the need of your embrace
But what’s worth
If maybe in disgrace
I find out your heart aches
Not for me

I hide it
The feeling of love
Hoping that one day; it would be you


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