Back on the pit
Heavy with thoughts
At one point i’m convinced you are meant for me
At the other, i feel am too less to be
A dream;
That comes to reality
I won’t lie when i say i have thought about you
Every single day
But in the same way
Made a crap out of me
By pushing you so far from my heart even though we have this connection

Yesterday i dreamt
A wedding ;
Your white gown with splashes of gold
Your eyes, shining diamonds covered by those glasses
Your smile on seeing me by the dais as you walked through the aisle
I felt a reality in that moment when you said i do
The kiss; so intimate
so real
But it was all just a dream
Which by no chance can be real
For me and you
Because you are far away on land
While i lie and cry in my island
Of loneliness.
By a broken heart.


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