What does it mean to be a zanj?
What do you make of it at this instant?
Is it that you convulsivly know not of the diction
That has been ptolemized into a repulsive partisanism
To concurrently defer you from realism
That has instigated into blood-pride and not fiction?
The world is aware of one truth;
To be a zanj is the complexity of inferiority

What do you make of it?
The reality ;
That to be a zanj is to suffer
To incur pain from muggers
And not rise from the Abyss of terror;
To embrace the right to be heard and never
Stumble on the way to recognition;
Do you believe in the zanj?
In its ability to surpass
The constant feeling of human craziness?
And at last;
Prove the whole world wrong with incidence
Of a torn heart learning to bind
With hope of peace to find

What if i say am not a zanj?
Shall i be denying the genotype of my ‘Körper’
Or the internal solemnizing heart that knows not to faulter?
Is it true that the ‘Hell-Haut’ can be zanjes
If only they accept to weigh the masses
And let the fair world tread on?

What does your inner self decipher?
What do you think to be finer?
Are you ready to accept the oath of vengeance
On all anti-zanj movements?
Or ready to warmly embrace them
Even when they spit at your face?
Is it fair to take a life
For the two zanjes slayed on our behalf?
Or to find it at heart to forgive
And move on with your life;
Even though your heart is half?

Should i say, awake all zanjes
Fight for what is might
Reveal to the world that your goals are tight
And the moment knows its height
You will have a smudge on your smile
And laugh with delight
At the peace in that beautiful sight!
By Silent tone.
‪#‎Lets‬ live in a colorless world.


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