Tears of our eyes.

So heavily ridden with tears of the night,

Despair of a weak soul mourning,

For those who are lost in the light,

You feel the fog of sadness

Blind your inner vision,

Oh, what is truly right,

The sanity in your madness
Weak heart,

Does this world know of your sorrows,

The headless horseman, roaming souls of purgatory,

The limbo you are stuck in is Sleepy Hollow,

Look no further to that horizon of darkness,

Look no further,

For demons are parasites of the weary

The seconds of doubt, and lies about the tooth fairy,

They are the living nightmares of our despairs
The tears we drop from our single eye of truth

The pain in the gnashing of teeth,

Cold bones, not knowing what is good

When the hierarchy so seemingly stab us in the back,

Steal our hard earned food,

Drained in the power of gods,

The loss in money and souls
The tears we drop from a single eye of truth

When hypocrisy is the word of mouth

For those who defend the weak,

The monsters who fight monsters,

And in the end grow to become the same villains

The justice in the hands of the public,

All they want is peace,

But brother, when you cut that beef,

The cats shall prey behind the kitchen doors,

And the questions is for their masters, not the poor fouls
The tears we drop from a single eye of truth,

We are the enemies of our selves,

When we let the lies rule our world,

Enemies of change, afraid to try something new,


The foundation holding up to that roof,

When we are too fast to reach to the top,

Shall we not notice, how slippery the floor is,

Careful steps, or you shall fall,

But with all this greed and money,

The world has fallen on it’s knees

And beloved,

You shall cry, you shall grieve

For this is the sadness of our own doing,

Self Image.

art by: Andre Muniz Gonzaga

We are so concentrated on self image,

The image formed from the countless pixels,

Taken at the back of that camera’s flash light,

Superimposed, edited and toned down in colour,

To shout out the words beauty and bright,

Smooth face, the eternal youth,

So says the picture, so disagrees your old age,

One wonders

Self appreciation,

We worship those countless images

Breathing the power of spirituality and divine in them,

What looks good on a picture is not really a beauty in real life,

It’s the new world’s nature, where one’s soul is worth a stagnant face of beauty and a smile,

And you call her your wife,


The new god

Crushing so stiff on our little faith and self doubt,

I need to be presentable for the world to see,

But there is no silver lining in this cloud,

For once the beauty fades away, 

No fountain of youth can stop the inevitable fact; you are growing old.

There are days.

There are days I feel completely dissociated from the world,

These are the days when I see coffins drop from the sky,

Dead men screaming their ill fated and lost good byes

The day my skin turns pale

And the grim reaper, with the sadness in his eye sockets requests for a hug to feel okay

Then there is the gambler,

Always convincing you of a short cut to the after

But you know the devil with his knife,

Cuts your legs, curves your eyes out,

What path does the truth surely lies
And the constant demons who don’t believe in second chances,

Take a dive,

What worth is truly your life,

But I learned to close my ears and listened to the muse of a consoling souls,

The clarity of the whispers of the dead,

Enjoy this life,before your eyes finally see the end
These days of torment do not truly scare me the most,

For I’m accustomed to the voices and mumbles of the wind,

The noises of screaming hell that makes one sick,

I’m used to seeing the truth in one’s bleeding eyes,

The tears of darkness

And the lies that cut deep

But the moment it goes quiet and stiff,

I fear

For nothing good really comes from nothing bad happening

The single speck of happiness is always shattered by a grain of darkness

It’s the natural law of this world.

Bitter Sweet.

The bite from a single apple,

It was so sweet that my tongue did not notice

The taste of a hard fall and excruciating pain from the top of that tree,
Then the rain,

Drops covering my face

The moist and promises of a new beginning,

With all the past washed away,

But the thing is,

The very same ground I sat

Turned into mud,

Swim in that poodle of dirt,

If that floating apple is truly worth your bite,
There was a thing different about this apple,

I mean apart from the taste ,

It grew and never ended,

It fell on hard ground never to splatter,

Others might have tried a bite,

But the thing is , their teeth couldn’t hold that much sweetness, their mouths ruptured,

My special apple, No one else can endure it,

I love that
 I was drowning in the river for the rain was heavy,

I felt the light of a forming rainbow over my drowning eyes,

The gulp of a fading life,

Once or twice,

Wait is that my apple, 

I cried

Swim towards the beautiful thing, 

Only to feel the vines of pain and torture crumple your feet

As such, I remain still

Watching my apple float away,
The demon of the sea,

Three questions and I’ll set you free,


I’m here not of my own will,

What’s with that apple and yet there are many hanging from the same tree?

I answer, it tastes like the sweetness of truth, opens my eyes to what is real,

But why suffer this fate to get to that thing?

That ‘thing’ is the only thing my tongue shall taste, the bitter sweet,

Lastly, if I set you free, as a favour ;would you give a single bite to me?

I looked at the demon with the glare of an inner soul,

What nonsense is this,

I say, no the apple only belongs to me.

Higher power.

Ten fingers,
high to the sky,


the utter recognition of a higher being 

other than your ego and deeply wounded pleasures 

of the materialism in this world

Are you ready to hear the good news,

accept for once the manifestation of His power 

on our lives?
Shall you question God’s existence,

and yet the very same breath passing through your nostrils

is by His will?

Shall you question His face

Yet we see Him everyday,

The image of a man who has seen the Hand of God bless his heart,

The sorrows of one, who’s lost a loved one,

But still feels the consoling voice of His word,

That Heaven awaits us all,

The tears of a single child in pain and confusion,

Facing the struggles of this humanity,

Yet under all this darkness,

Their mouths tremble with the appreciation of 

another day, another hope, another chance
The gods of today,

fame, consumes the meekest of all

You surely lose your true image

and even a broken mirror doesn’t recognize you


why do we always kneel down in submission,

the brainwash nature of richness by happiness,

All the cars, clothes, trends,and luxuries

We worship them and yet, none shall die with us

heading to the afterlife,
Are you willing to take a leap of faith

And believe in the divine,

Or shall you box yourself in skepticism

and await the final day to see the truth?


Twas the ghost of my many follies 
The tired mind that felt unholy, 

Lust upon a girl, who desired not 

The demon of a hunger streaked monster, 

Ready to feed on meat 

The inconvenience of a feeling of want, 

The urge to conform with my peers, 

This poor world, 
Look at her, 

Grace and beauty 

She sure is immaculate, 

Cleanest soul I’ve ever known, 

But every time I hear the bed creak, 

Her eyes rolled in a momento of excitement,

She breathes pleasure, 

Feeling that enlightment 

Of skin, 

The lust of two human beings 
The emptiness I felt, 

The love I thought I would have but my heart lacked the interest 

Was she just another bad judgement I made

Would it have ever been close to reality of a heart as one, 

Or was it the demon, patting at the back for me to take a hit, 

She liked it, 

But she didn’t truly like me, 

The feeling was mutual 
The mistake of unprotected sex, 

The balance of regrets, 

An acquired virus maybe, 

Oh wait,  she finally had a baby, 


The pain of unplanned life, 

Her face drowned in the later consequences of our actions, 

The question of maybe or maybe not, 

Does she want a child,  does she not 

Is abortion truly the only way out, 

At a point I had my doubts too,

The thing was,  I wasn’t the only one, 

She couldn’t just pin fatherhood to a twenty year old ,

What child would want a father who is cold, 
But it is what it is, 

Sometimes you have to own up your mistakes, 

The pain of labor, 

The tears of a nine months pregnancy, 

The judgement of our parents, 

Irresponsible engagement, 

No sign of true love, 

One way or another, 

This baby doesn’t have to feel rejected, 
The many of my follies, 

Hope I shall learn to love and forgive myself, 

The boy shall not be a mistake, 

They boy shall be my son.

My Story

I’ve seen and been in the darkness too many times, 

I’ve felt it hurt my bones 

Crush on my soul 

Slit my  own throat, 

The pain, 

I’ve seen its scar not more than once 
Does it ever end 

Is it ever going to be okay, 

Look at the bright smile I wear, 

But don’t stare into the abyss of my despair, 

I want to open my mouth and say everything is fine, 

But the constant knocking pain in my chest, 

The ever lagging feeling of my heart falling from it’s place, 

The sarcasm hidden in my darkness, 

It all sewn up in my lips 

And the feeling burns from within 

Everyone has angst 

To know who likes them, 

To know the drama in others, 

They yearn the gossip,  and approval of a broken mirror, 
I see past that, 

I see the truth, 

I listen to the mumbling lies, 

And I wish I could cry, 


But the well was already dry from my blindness, 

Cruel world, 

Lose a friend, 

They’ll just eat and sympathize at the funeral, 

But what do they know? 

The pain of loss, 

It drives me mad, 

I feel the world turn, 

I’ve lost the heart to love, 

I’ve been drawn into the darkness, 

So many times, 

I look at her now, 

Whether she knows it or not, 

She has to be my last hope,

The light I need, 
Her bright face. 

Heart Broken. 

She didn’t love me, 

Not a single text 

Not a single love song, 

I look up at that beautiful face, 

She feels nothing for me, 

At least,  a friend 

But what’s the use,  if I feel different 

See through your beauty and kind heart 

Love,  my preference 
What does she really think of me, 

Am I truly not worth it 

My esteem so low and weak 

Nowadays I see the grey in the sky 

Shades of blue diluted in the gloom 

The ever colourful world,  moving so slow,  nothing blooms 

I see a drop of rain, 

Freeze amidst, 

The darkness in my heart reigns 
It’s true,  that you were my only last hope 

My true refuge, 

A dying soul

Locked away from this world, 

Till I met that beautiful smile, 

You showed me warmth, 

I showed you my flaw, 
Now the darkness calls, 

And since my underdeveloped state cannot truly fathom, 

I shall go,  with that memory of your smile 

Hoping that one day, 

Some day, 

That one day…