My Story

I’ve seen and been in the darkness too many times, 

I’ve felt it hurt my bones 

Crush on my soul 

Slit my  own throat, 

The pain, 

I’ve seen its scar not more than once 
Does it ever end 

Is it ever going to be okay, 

Look at the bright smile I wear, 

But don’t stare into the abyss of my despair, 

I want to open my mouth and say everything is fine, 

But the constant knocking pain in my chest, 

The ever lagging feeling of my heart falling from it’s place, 

The sarcasm hidden in my darkness, 

It all sewn up in my lips 

And the feeling burns from within 

Everyone has angst 

To know who likes them, 

To know the drama in others, 

They yearn the gossip,  and approval of a broken mirror, 
I see past that, 

I see the truth, 

I listen to the mumbling lies, 

And I wish I could cry, 


But the well was already dry from my blindness, 

Cruel world, 

Lose a friend, 

They’ll just eat and sympathize at the funeral, 

But what do they know? 

The pain of loss, 

It drives me mad, 

I feel the world turn, 

I’ve lost the heart to love, 

I’ve been drawn into the darkness, 

So many times, 

I look at her now, 

Whether she knows it or not, 

She has to be my last hope,

The light I need, 
Her bright face. 

Heart Broken. 

She didn’t love me, 

Not a single text 

Not a single love song, 

I look up at that beautiful face, 

She feels nothing for me, 

At least,  a friend 

But what’s the use,  if I feel different 

See through your beauty and kind heart 

Love,  my preference 
What does she really think of me, 

Am I truly not worth it 

My esteem so low and weak 

Nowadays I see the grey in the sky 

Shades of blue diluted in the gloom 

The ever colourful world,  moving so slow,  nothing blooms 

I see a drop of rain, 

Freeze amidst, 

The darkness in my heart reigns 
It’s true,  that you were my only last hope 

My true refuge, 

A dying soul

Locked away from this world, 

Till I met that beautiful smile, 

You showed me warmth, 

I showed you my flaw, 
Now the darkness calls, 

And since my underdeveloped state cannot truly fathom, 

I shall go,  with that memory of your smile 

Hoping that one day, 

Some day, 

That one day… 


Young,  fading away the world’s resilience 

The presence of a force in our souls, 


The world will also grow weak and old 

No relief 

The youthfulness of falling in love, 

Once so chivalrous,  now they are called pervs 

Shall you marry, only to cheat on your love 

Shall you fall in love with money 

Only to feel the emptiness that this world 

You never remain young forever 

Smooth faces eventually get wrinkles 

Hope you get wisdom too.

What is life? 

What is life, 

Feeling so low at this point 

Do I need a wife 

Is my life worth a stab at the back, 

With a knife, 

Why ,sometimes do I want to die, 

Despise myself and lie, 

That the world sees nothing past the shit 

And yet they cover their dark sentiments on the little negativity that surrounds your aura 

What is life, 

If you can’t move a leg over your obstacle 

If you can’t open your eyes and see the miracles 

If you can’t speak your mind of the reality being hypocritical 

If you can’t listen an ear wide, to the cry of those burning in hell and wonder what their mistake was
What is life, 

Look at a healthy boy in light, 

But his shadow covers, revealing the hunger of unprivileged ones, 



Money destroys our mindset 


It’s what eventually kills us, 
What is life 

Is it a lie 

If in the end you die 

Coming to realise 

You pushed yourself so hard 

To actually leave everything behind 
Why do you feel a tear in your eye 

When a loved one dies 

Escapes this complicated world of greed and selfishness, 
Oh, What is life? 
Silent Tone.


Stuck between worlds 

The reality, such beauty 

But all just feels false, 

A world governed by our minds 

Thoughts become actions 

The actions become our lives 

Attached like a parasite 

Attached in these lies 
But isn’t it comfort, 

To swim in a pool of money 

Win that lottery, 

And like magic,  she finally calls you hunny 

Isn’t it comfort, 

To reunite lost souls 

Travel from the darkness of the forest of purgatory 

And see the one you hold dear, 

Smile at you, 

Speak so clear 

Their touch so real their touch so smooth 

Isn’t it comfort, 

To say I do 

Kiss her too 

Put a ring on that finger 

Champagne overflowing, 

Sweet cheers, sweet laughs 

A new beginning,  hope it lasts 
But the scares of this world between, 

Running but not feeling your feet 

Falling, but not knowing how it is deeping 

Levitating, so high to the sky, 

Where shall you reach 

And that beast, 

The faceless one chasing, 

Cornered up behind bars of steel 

Peeling eyes of blood, popping in the darkness

Sounds of hell, 

Eternal misery, 

The world between 
Wake up, 

It’s all just a dream.

For you 

You look me in the eye my dear, 
Look past my truths and lies, 

And smile, 

Warm , so full of life

You touch with hope, 

Embrace me with the brightness of another day 

Kiss me with the breath to be alive again 
You understand who I am 

When they least want to 

I look at you,  I feel the comfort of home 

I want you, 

You the one who holds my heart,

Straight to hers 

The one who lies her head 

On my shoulder in comfort 

The one who I share a psychic connection with, 

Lover of mine 

The love I please 

Even when my mouth runs dry of words,

I shall never lack to say 

That it is you I cherish 

For you are my sweet May 

For now till I perish. 
Line Smith. 


​At night,  I’m afraid to close my eyes 

For sometimes,  I die in my sleep 

I’m holding a glass of wine, 

My right hand quakes, 

The glass falls and breaks, 

Contents of my life, 

They spill 

I see a reflection of a young man 

So dissolved in the worldly pleasures 

That he loses the reality in him

He drowns in grief  and regret 

What is leisure? 
I see the ghost of my friend 

Every night in my sleep 

He plays the tape  of memories we had as children 

He plays the tape of memories we were to have in the supposed future, 

I see darkness, 

Do I really want to sleep 

The only moment in my path 

That I breathe less 

And let loose in to the world,  I feel peace 

The one I escape into,  my resort 

I call home 

No judgement,

The rules play by my own hand, 

The truth is, I like this path.