The mirror was clear about my image

My face was in full light

And the smile that they could see from a mile,

Was the genuine sight

What is happiness,

If you don’t feel the positivity in your own space?

Imagine for once not rushing in other people’s shadow but actually walking in your own pace,


Knowing the first person to satisfy is yourself

Since you spent an entirety of your life looking at your own image 

And realizing positivity starts in you.


Published a book finally

I had dreamt that one day I would publish a book…one day I would have something under my name…well that day is today..🙏🙏🙏…I’m grateful..below is a link to my book which is up on Amazon…as from Saturday till Monday, the book will be free on Kindle..

Killed myself.

I killed myself at the peak of my fears

I felt them; the holding back tears

The pain of shrieking screams tearing up my ears

What is expectations, when all I can hear

Is the distortion of a confusing world;

That keeps changing shapes and shattering glasses

And my blurry eyes tended to miss the chances

Of having inner peace

Inner peace;

The image of comfort, what I lacked to see

And it felt like swimming in a deep sea,

Filled with demons from dreaded dreams


Is that why I killed myself?

I lost belief;

In the meaning of life

What’s the point of it all

If the final payment is a gravestone?

Does one have to cope with all these emotions;

All these pressure and timelapse?

Does one have to try to hard dying to live?

But does it really matter, now that I have already killed myself.

I found purpose in her smile.

​I found purpose in her smile;

That every time I would go that extra mile

To see her face lit with happiness;

She took me by my hands,

And I saw the entire world in her eyes
I found purpose in her smile;

That every time I felt the world bring me down

I would here the sweet melody of her voice

And the soft spoken words straight from her heart
I found purpose in her smile;

That every time I felt the devil snapping my back,

She was there lighting my path ,

Firmly holding strong to my hands


There’s no longer a me and you,

But a we
I found purpose in her smile;

Dreams last for a while,

But this one was worth an eternity.

Perfect lie.

Perfect lie, perfect perfect


Had to come up with a perfect lie,

Snap; take the picture

I always smile

Yes, they say you can see stars in my eye

It’s the glamour in me;

I’m just a perfect being,

The face of transcendence,

I’m their new age god
Perfect lie, 

The perfection in my cry

My cry for recognition

Does a god show fear among his worshippers

I hold the mike,

The voices of my peers drowning me in fame

And the heart suddenly does not recognize humility,

I sweat of the purest breed of fresh water,

I  stink of gold

My skin is never turning old
Perfect lie;

What is perfection?

Does a person like me really fall out?

Do I even know the taste of failure?


What concept is that to my cabinet of trophies?

I ride on this horse of success, full limbs

They say I’m a man of many hobbies
Perfect lie;

The perfection is in my skin

The softest you have ever seen;

Touch and feel

This right here is pure currency of beauty

The complete proof of the existence of the fountain of youth
I am perfect,

I do not recognize defect

I am fit

My health is in check

I am wealthy

The financial status speaks for itself

My social media is fully represented

By world’s standards;

I am living the perfection lie.

Rhyme time.

lovers holding hands


We go round in musical chairs;

Chewing our chances like eclairs

Even if we get stuck in this web

The world with it’s confusing layers

All this hardship can’t really slay us.

  • Random word: pairs

mask of reverence


Laugh, I realized that you are funny

Eating crayons

To color this belief

The willing spirit learning

Hive nest; bees

You like the taste of  the divine honey.

  • Random word: ephiphany

• n 1: a divine manifestation 


We all got to serve


The way I looked at her

She called me a perve.

  • Random word: love



I had to ask about your existence

My tongue, the taste of the fifth sense

We are so aligned,

There’s no need of resistance.

  • Random word: persistence

journey uphill

Driving up the hill,


This opportunity, why would I chill

Hard lines

The pressure of journeying into new beginnings,

And the suspense kills;

Not knowing the next grind.

  • Random word: goldmines

Wedding vows.

My bride was walking down the aisle,
My bride was magnificent in all white;

The organ played the melody of her steps

The flower girls all pretty with their strides

And the crowd was dazzled,

Waiting for the wedding vows
Heavy clouds, the dawn of the rain

But does a proud man forfeit her lover’s lifetime dream for some mild shower?

Does beauty know the pain of a heavy cloud whipped by lightning and thunder?
And wow was she gorgeous

Her brooding father had let loose abit

And I felt a little bit anxious

Here it is; the beginning of the rest of our lives,

I had chosen the bride and the bride had chosen me,
Till death do us part;

Those words engraved in our souls

Are we ready to compromise

Are we ready to accomodate each other,

Are we ready to build a family?
Are we strong enough to stick to the wedding vows.

For the longest time.

​For the longest time,

We have have our eyes scratched with the crap they feed us,

We have had our ears bleed to the nonsense of their lies;

 Desperate cheaters

How do they sleep at night?
For the longest time,

They’ve submerged the iceberg for us to only see the tip and believe;

They’ve used religion to justify their actions

But clearly they are walking in the path of sin

Feeding us false promises, 

Crafting narratives

Hiding thorns and twigs underneath the roses
For the longest time,

All we’ve been seeing is black and white

And speaking of others colors 

Is defying their rules,

Here you don’t talk

You follow

You don’t question you act according to their laws;

When they say jump

You ask how high not why

Otherwise its blasphemy,

Oh and you don’t wanna suffer the consequences

Oh you don’t wanna live in the sorrow

For the longest time;

This is custom and you don’t question
For the longest time

We suffer in silence,

As they devour us every bit of our existence

We don’t live we survive,

For the longest time 

Maybe it ends now

Just don’t tell them I said it;

However we must end it.

Nemo and Sleeky.

Ascent Experience.

My life before Ascent was stagnant and mostly revolving on a comfort zone. I was barely doing anything else apart from living and Architecture, and the latter had proven to be stressful sometimes. I had a small circle of friends who were mostly classmates or people I knew in my previous education years. In short I was alive but not living.  

My life was sort of a loop; it was a repetitive sequence of moments that were restricted to routine. As we all know, routine colors the world grey and gloomy. I needed a way out; hence I found Ascent
To be honest, I wasn’t aware of a leadership program going on, until that day I coincidentally met one of my classmates who was to attend an interview. Having not much to do at home, I accompanied him just to ‘to waste on time’ but as the universe would have it, I was convinced to participate in the interview and my story has not been the same ever since.
It’s been ten weeks of getting out of my comfort zone and trusting people in the long run. I remember the first time meeting with my new teammates.  The room was magnificent. There was an ambience of tranquility yet at the same time naivety since most of us were just but strangers. 

I remember when the team of facilitators explaining to us what the program was all about. At that point, I was in a state of disbelief. Was it me, who had just passed that interview?

The program had fifty souls. Fifty! To me that number just made my anxiety level rise to higher scales. I mean it’s not new being in large crowd for me (my class has almost 90 students) but these were total strangers, and it made me feel like my first year of uni once more. My comfort zone was going to be non-existent for a maximum of 10 weeks. Honestly, I didn’t think I could make it.

So there I am, that fateful Tuesday night; watching people looking all ready and psyched up while I try to figure out what I was doing there. They shuffled us into groups. At first I landed on Team Purko before being shuffled once more to Team Moitanik. (These were team names. There were six teams; Purko, Moitanik, Kore, Loiten, Damat, Sira. They were based from the Maasai age groups). I have grown to know my team and I’m really glad that I found them.

Team Moitanik🔥🔥

My team gave me the energy I lacked. They opened my eyes to see the world more critically. Opening arms, heart and soul to complete strangers is not an easy thing to do.

art expo

How the training went; there were sessions every Tuesday where we had key speakers who came and taught us on various subjects that stretched within the ten weeks. Also with every week, there were various projects that every team was supposed to do, and honestly they were bonding and learning moments.
During the sessions, aside from engaging with other groups; we were also encouraged to have identities in relation to the topics of the day. Simply, we were to come up with a form of dressing that related with the topic of the day, and wow did we see people giving it their all. From dressing like Jesus and the twelve disciples, to people dressing like the secret service. In short creativity was just in the air.

Mointan 7s
Kore meets Moitanik
Egyptians with the buddhist monks

Having a team by your side; doing various projects and getting to learn about different people and why they are the way they are, has been a mind opener to me. It has been a learning experience.
My growth point will be mostly as a result of being in a team. There is a dynamism in working with a group and rather than working alone. I had to learn to trust others and let them in my life. I had to learn that everyone had a role to play. This was specifically evident in the finance project when I evidently got to learn skills like cooking chapatis and selling pin pops. 

Not everyone could do one thing at the same time. Duties were delegated, so as to reduce the bulk on people’s shoulders.
I also got to learn the importance of having a money plan. There’s importance in knowing how to account for the money you spend, and also importance in saving for a particular goal. Ever since, I’ve been trying to account for every money I’ve spent.

has also been another growth point for me. There is purpose in trying as much as possible to be punctual for any engagement. This enables smooth transition of the schedule, and the task at hand can be solved in good time. With punctuality a lot can be done, since one is able to create more time.
The whole experience has also enabled me to realize why I am the way I am. Knowing my character traits and all, I’ve tried to bit logic by getting out of my comfort zone and creating relations with other people. 

Being an introvert, my circle of friends tends to be really small but the whole Ascent experience has taught me the need to rely on other people and for that I am really thankful.

Quoting from Paulo Coelho’s book, Manuscript from Accra; Ask a flower in the field: ‘Do you feel useful? After all, you do nothing but produce the same flowers over and over.’ And the flower will answer: ‘I am beautiful, and beauty is my reason for living.’
Everyone has a role to play in this life, and my expectation was to merely understand that concept. Now I do. My role is to serve others while trying my best to make this world a better place. 

under the rain

Taking the leap.

Have you ever reached a point where,, you feel like an overloading computer..you want to achieve all these goals in a limited span of time because you fear time is catching up with you quickly? I mean, you are no longer a teenager, you are at the point of adulthood.  What does it really mean being an adult?
You are edging closer to your mid twenties and your portfolio has only two things. You graduated with a degree, and you still live with your parents. The pressure that falls on us not to reach this inescapable reality😢.
You always had a talent in high school. You came to campus and things changed. A musician; they called you. But you found out that it was worthless and not in line with your career choice. But your friends are already making it big..dropping hits and getting constant gigs. The system created this fear in you; you became overly dependent on this career path and forgot your talent. You forgot what it really feels to be alive.
And time doesn’t slow down really. One moment you are this naive twenty year old..the next you are someone’s parent. Can we really achieve everything we ever wish to do if we are afraid to let go sometimes? Is jumping off the cliff to the unknown really an option?
The world knows how to paint rainbow and glamour, but at the same time, it also paintsw shades of grey.