In memory of you, bro
Always felt that emptiness ever since you left,

The thought that you who knew best wasn’t around anymore hit me hard ,

I felt the chest pains

The little nuggets of wisdom that came from your brilliant mind, the voice of assurance

Perhaps maybe  you’ll wake up the next

Perhaps you’ll come back home

Perhaps, it’s all I can say, perhaps
But I saw you last night,

I was happy and sad at the same time

You saw me cry

Tapped my shoulder and showed me the memory of a happy childhood

I still felt empty

I still feel empty
We play the game of hide and seek,

Two little boys all smiling and cheeks

The laughter resonating in that memory

You hid, and your shadow vanished from my grasp

I woke up 

I had been lost in one of my many lonely trance
Pair of a type they said,

I always dreamt of you being my best man

The future was clear ;

But being a naive boy, I never feared the inevitable thought of death

And it’s true memories live on

But every moment I remember, every moment I relive, I feel the pain, I get the realization that you are actually gone
I feel pain

And I won’t lie that a part of me has been dead ever since you left

I smile sometimes, I try to be optimistic

But there days I go like, it’s pointless I don’t really care the outcome, since you are not hear to see it

What’s the point of living my best if I don’t have my best man by my side
I know the world went on,

But mine stopped a long time ago.

Fabric of my mind.

Honest to God,

I walked out of the life

Mr. Hopeless romantic, lovey dovey

Where’s your wife?
Fool! The figment of my imagination is what I’m married too

I realized though, too soon

You get bored writing what you lack sometimes

And it’s true what the mouth runners told you,

I lack a heart
There was a time though,

I genuinely fell in love

Stargazed, as my writer friend would say
She was the final piece,

I saw perfection; I saw her heart

I saw her world

To some extent I felt the essence of a plausible future

I had struck gold
But like the mouth runners have told you before,

I have no heart
She had no love
That’s when I swore not to play the sensitive game of hearts

Did I feel bad, you ask?
Well you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t
And now I shall stick to touring through the fabric of my mind, trying not to live under the lines of my imagination.

A Darker Shade of Grey.

p.c ID photography

Today I felt like a darker shade of grey,

The brush on my paint grazing through the canvas of what I call life tore the happiness in my smile

I wailed,

Into a more  moody day;

And the world decided to paint me blue,

But  the tears balancing in my eyes washed into the truth

I felt pain,

I felt dark, I felt empty
Today I felt like a darker shade of grey,

I believed, I prayed,

Perhaps I had my hopes so high

That doors would open so easily,

But where are the houses?

Where are the dreams , where is the fun?

The clown said

The world decided to paint me red

But the anger in my face couldn’t keep the paint withheld,

I felt pain, 

I felt dark, I felt empty
Today I felt like a darker shade of grey,

My eyes , oh were they swayed

By the conceptual lie of a happy day, every day

Happy endings like in fairy tales,

There’s no such thing as sadness, just feign that smile

Act like everything is alright!

But can you really,

When you have an entire world crumbling in side of you?

The world decided to paint me yellow,

Needless for me to smile at them and say hello,

I felt pain,

I felt dark, I felt empty.

My African Heritage.

​My African skin,

The thickness in the melanin covering it

Why was the white man intimidated with our brilliance?

What made the color in their eyes more superior than ours?

Their well mannered accents and posture

How was their way the right way
My African name,

The pleasure in my heritage

But the white man’s doing cut off my tongue even before it could learn to speak

Does our beliefs in our traditional gods and ancestors belittle them?

What made our methods of treatment wrong and theirs right?

And now they taught us to watch what we eat
My African brothers,

Once there was serenity

There was the beautiful sunset painting the sky orange, over the hills

And the land was wide and vast; the pure green

But the white man brought his guns,

He killed the nature he so upheld as beautiful,

Cut the trees down, slayed the wild life and taught us the true limit of selfishness

And the word is greed,

Time to steal my brother’s land
My African language,

I believed in the white man’s dream,

Even learned his tongue to seize this world

The pleasures of being in the forefront of things

They gave us back our own land at the same time leaving the scar of dependency

And my words are no longer African

Because the white man wrote his own Bible to favor his ego.


Afraid of the dark.

Yes, I am afraid of the dark,

Ever since I felt the devil’s nails scratch my back,

And the demon faces could never stop invading my night;

They carry their knives

Taunting this feeble life

Of mine,

Trying to make me go blind

And not see the pleasure of happiness

waft scents of hopelessness 

Blow winds of terror

Remind me that I am nothing but a horror

So everything will wither

As long as it went through my palms 

Don’t  get me wrong I intended no harm

But the dark spells out fear

Someone with shears? 


Shred this wool let me see the light 

Over my plight

I am afraid of the dark
Nemo and Sleeky.

No more pain, poet.

No more pain, poet

You took the pen

Bled it red with the depression compressing your existence
No more pain, poet

You took the pen

There and then

You realized you lacked the compassion of life

The cold gestures, and pale face

Fear held your throat with a knife
No more pain ,poet

You took the pen

Believed happiness was an old fool’s tale,

Sadness the new trend,

Dark faces and ghosts, Oh hail
No more pain, poet

You took the pen

Openned that heart of yours wide expecting for love to get in

Sometimes we win,

Other times we lose the will
No more pain, poet

Chin up

Better days to the worst

Remember you can only die once

Maximize the multiple chances in life.

I am free.

​I chose the peace of mind,

Over the wars and pains within my soul

The beautiful tune, I was no longer blind

The hand of God, I dare walk bold
I saw the devil try to win me over

With cheap solutions and easy pathways

But what human ever walks in an unblemished road without experiencing the hardships along the way?

Is it worth it to gain the whole world,

Only for the whisper of spirituality to slip through living the emptiness and doubt?
I chose the path of faith,

Accepting that truly I am a sinner

All I pray is to one day see the heaven’s gate,

And my life shall not matter truly

If my eyes cannot really see happiness in His helm

The dream of a winner,

The world will not stop chaining us to it,

But the feeling of your presence

I am free.